Lexus Group Consultancy in Tokyo, Japan
Lexus Group is an exceptionally innovative consultancy company, incomparable to so many other world-renowned traditional consultancy firms.

About Lexus Group Consultancy in Tokyo, Japan


Excellent.Exceptional.Evolving. – This is Who We Are

Lexus Group is proud of being an exceptional company as a result of its continuing drive to excel through its professional people and delivery of services. Achieving perfection throughout its forty-five years of operations in such tasks as Merger and Acquisition transactions, Business Valuation processes, Business Exit planning services, and Succession Planning projects, have given us the unequalled opportunity to progress into a truly unique company. Achieving the position we now hold demanded a genuinely creative and vibrant process as we faced every challenge along the way.

Our firm has evolved its procedures of discovering and providing the most efficient solution to achieve the client’s goals and create wealth within every investment potential chosen and every challenge faced. Every Lexus Group employee is trained and prepared to accomplish one primary objective: “to do what is right the right way always”. Although our company operates generally in an apparently conventional manner, we believe that in the eyes of our customers, what we do is the most efficient way. When we feel it is prudent, we would firmly, without excuses, advice holding off an acquisition or a business sale if the circumstances and potential returns are not bright. Our solemn commitment to our thousands of clients is our word that we can be trusted upon to help them secure their financial future. Our expertise and broad experience in the industry have prepared us to empower our customers to make educated and viable decisions.

Our dedicated group of some of the brightest professional consultants in the industry is fully capable of delivering unparalleled advice to our clients. Their tested, reliable know-how and character assures you that at Lexus Group you need to go nowhere else to find the solutions you need. Our stringent hiring process effectively filters out all but the industry’s best people to serve the lead as well as the tail-end of our company’s operations. We do not merely consider our applicants’ technical qualifications but their character as well; for in the end, values, ideas and principles make up the strong foundation of our organization.

Throughout the years, Lexus Group has developed its business through referrals provided by our customers, showing and proving the exceptional experience they have derived from dealing with our firm. Our identity as a company as well as our capability have been open to scrutiny and to close evaluation by the thousands of clients who have benefited from our services for many years and even to so many more who stand to gain likewise from our services in the future.

Every transaction we enter into produces these advantages for our clients:

  1. We deal with Mergers and Acquisition consultancy services as a business venture, considering closely all its short-term and long-term prospects and challenges. Therefore, a business acquisition or sale will be analyzed according to its potential to provide the client’s corresponding short-term and long-term goals. How the customers can develop their business and their wealth from the start to a specified period matters greatly, not just the simple process of buying or selling a business.

  1. Lexus Group considers valuations as serious matters because of the consequences that they may bring about. The results will always fall under meticulous scrutiny and investigation. The integrity of such undertakings will remain under a cloud and taken with studied hesitation. Nevertheless, having valuations undertaken by a reliable firm such as Lexus Group allows clients the advantage of having credibility on their side as to the reliability of the valuations.

  1. The process involved in Business Exit & Succession Planning is of parallel significance to the commencing phases of a sale or buy procedure whether we are dealing with an acquisition or a merger, going through the proper initial stages will determine the outcome of the final stage as well, and vice versa. Leaving a business or entering into one demands the right planning and predetermined steps to undertake in order to cover any and all possible dire future challenges and risks.

Excellence in our services is founded on the following unique features of our policies and procedures:

  1. Business relations founded on trust

  2. Achieving 97% of the listed market price

  3. Every client greatly gaining from an unsurpassed record of 95% sale success

  4. Commission fees waived for particular service aspects

  5. Safeguarding customer interests beginning with a stringent evaluation and selection method

  6. Wealth-building merger or acquisition

  7. Expertise that develops confidence in each stage of a merger or acquisition and the credibility of the results achieved


Arisa Horikawa

Author:Arisa Horikawa
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